The seriousness of the work performed by Space Samples prevents the breaking of confidentiality of any information stored on the site. The information recorded by the user shall only be accessed by the user or authorized people. The payment system used is the most credibility system in the market and with the newest technologies against intrusion and data protection.


Concerned about your right to privacy, Space Samples establishes the following regulation to protect your personal information:

The information provided and registered by the user on this site shall be used exclusively to provide an efficient service. Space Samples shall take all appropriate steps to protect your privacy.
Space Samples shall not collect or store any type of website visitor information that is not part of the user registration and information about your drives, message exchanges, collections and other necessary information for the service hired.
For security reasons the registration information changes and interactions shall be cached with the IP address for 5 years.
In any registration of your data in the Space Samples site, you expressly consent to the registration on your behalf, and the provision on the second paragraph of Article 43 of the Consumer Protection Code become inapplicable.

Although Space Samples used their best efforts, considering the vulnerability of computer systems and the steady advance of invasions technology, Space Samples shall not be responsible for acts of third parties in collecting or use by any means, registration data and information available for you to Space Samples.

All operations involving sensitive data, within the Space Samples site, are fully processed in a secure environment, so that whenever you provide information, such information shall be protected by the most advanced encryption techniques. However, Space Samples may not guarantee full security of your system regarding the steady advance of invasions technology.

You become aware that whenever requested by any interested party, information about the content of your registration in the Space Samples site, although founded in tort evidence, shall only be provided by court order.

Within our site you may find links to third party sites. However, we have no control over these sites, which have no connection with the Space Samples, and we do not know their privacy policy, which can be constantly changed, making it impossible its verification by Space Samples. We therefore recommend that you check the privacy policy of such sites.

If at any time you wish not to receive information from Space Samples by email, you can send a message through the system and request the cancellation of this service.

Due to the fast evolution of technologies related to the Internet, we may occasionally update this regulation. All revisions shall be posted on this site, which is why we recommend you to proceed in the usual way to read the conditions prevailing at the time of access. The use of the services of the Space Samples by the user implies the unrestricted acceptance of the conditions provided, including the changes that may be realized.

This Regulation shall be governed, construed and enforced in accordance with the laws of the Federative Republic of Brazil, regardless of conflicts of these laws with the laws of other states or countries, being competent the Court of the District of Campinas, São Paulo, Brazil, to settle any questions arising from this instrument. You expressly consent to the jurisdiction of this court, and renounces hereby to the jurisdiction of any other jurisdiction, however privileged it is or may be. For this instrument, you also waive any right to object to venue or jurisdiction based on the principle of immunity, or for any other reason.

If you have any questions, Space Samples is waiting for comments and questions about this regulation, which can be sent through the system.